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Red Hammer, LLC

Advanced CMS & Application Development

HMH based in Portland has their own team of digital professionals doing some pretty awesome things. So when they need to reach out for a bit of help in the Charlotte area, they’re looking for serious professionals. And they call on Red Hammer.

The situation:

Their client, a growing regional bank, needed a microsite to promote their small business loan services. The team at HMH created a clever single page web design and a laundry list of sub-applications to engage site visitors.

The requirements:

  • Responsive design allowing for consumption on desktops and devices.
  • Animations to enhance user experience that must perform on iphone, android, desktops and tablets.
  • Mapping application to help users easily identify branch locations.
  • Geolocation application to help users easily locate branches by zip code, or by their physical location.
  • All built on top of a Content Management System that will allow staff to administer site information.
  • Oh…and we need it in two weeks.

The solution: call Red Hammer

Utilizing proficiency gleaned from countless interactive projects, we brought our expertise to bear serving as a turnkey solution provider. We delivered the completed project on time and on budget. We even assisted with developing code to aid in tracking user interaction with the site.

The result:

We’re not just a supplier…we’re a strategic partner delivering advanced solutions at a superior value.