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We often have customers with a need to cater to old versions of IE browsers like the one you're using. But we're not a big fan of IE we've elected to save some time in the development of our website and not code a myriad of customizations to support IE. Our site (and just about anyone else's for that matter) is better viewed in anything but IE8 or below.

Red Hammer, LLC

We're digital problem solvers.

Website and Website Component Production for Desktop, Tablet, and Devices

Have a problem with your front-end talking to your back-end? Need your most awesome artwork to come to life online in a pixel-perfect manner? Or perhaps you’re thinking, “maybe there’s better way to do this thing I’m doing?” Whatever the situation, we’re developers and we can help you with creating interactive components, building custom microsites and developing fully-scalable websites.

Native Application Development for Tablets and Smartphones

We develop native applications for all major platforms including iOS, Android™, Windows® Phone & Blackberry®.

Content Management Systems and E-Commerce

We’re WordPress experts and licensed Cartweaver developers. We leverage not only our core programming skills to fully customize these environments, but we also bring MBA’s and 15 years of business & production management experience to the party to help you design customization that will work for your business.

Data Visualization

We leverage our backgrounds in engineering and business management to serve our customers in the development of infographics, data visualization tools, and data-driven websites. We develop these tools as standalone applications or as components for existing websites and applications.

Mobile Web and Application Development

We are experienced in building custom solutions that go beyond frameworks and open-source models. We can deliver fully customized back-end applications, custom web interfaces, dynamic graphical applications & widgets based in modern HTML5/CSS3, JavaScript, Backbone, Bootstrap, Actionscript…you get the picture. If you’ve seen it on a desktop or smartphone…we can help.

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